Wijnboerderij ’t Heekenbroek

How we started We are Job and Neeltje Huisman, husband and wife with a track record in farming as managers of a farm and of an agricultural testing farm. After this we were co-entrepreneurs of a animal feed plant in Drempt. In the summer of 2005 we decided to change course. Working together on our farm, as we had done for years, is the ideal way of life for us. That’s why we started our vineyard… We already lived on the idyllic spot where, in 2006, we planted our first vines. After three years the vineyard had its present size of 2 hectares.

What makes ’t Heekenbroek unique

Two hectares of vineyard, with seven state of the art grape varieties – four reds and three whites – on a chalk rich soil of clay sediment from the river IJssel. Together with the relatively good weather in our region, and our own professional winery next to the vines, this has proven an excellent starting point for a prize winning wine farm. The vineyard is situated in the eastern part of the country, province of Gelderland, region Achterhoek, in a characteristic rural area with more than enough room for the good life. Our wine farm borders on the well-kept historic estate of De Ulenpas, with idyllic park and wood land and excellent footpaths. Our terraces have welcomed many long distance cyclists, enjoying one of our hearty lunches, with a sampling of our wines. In 2006, the first acres of grape vines were planted. At the same time we built a large, roomy space for visitors, with two terraces to receive our many guests, as well as a unique B&B for two, very much à la ferme, in the middle of the vineyard. Visitors from near and far know how to find us. Our region Achterhoek is a fine tourist haven with many cultural attractions. We are also the second largest viticultural area of the Netherlands, after the province of Limburg. Many of the professional vineyards in our region, including ours, can be visited by lovely bicycle and car routes through our forests and fields. Culturally, our vineyard is situated between the picturesque, hanseatic towns of Doesburg and Zutphen with their many historic sights. Doesburg even boasts the oldest inn of the Netherlands (open since the year 1478 and still a lively pub). As close by as Doesburg is the museum town of Bronckhorst, with our very own vineyard within its municipality.

Wines, production, prizes

Wines, production, prizes Our two hectares of vineyard yield up to 10.000 bottles a year. The wines – from fruity whites to southern reds – are made and bottled by us, in our own winery, with well-known flying winemaker Stan Beurskens as our advisor. The wines are given all the time they need to develop, in oak barrels and stainless steel vats. A slow and careful production, where we ourselves are responsible for every step, ensures a guaranteed quality. Our wines have won many prizes, both national and international. Among the most prestigious are the two gold medals and three silver (so far!) at the highly professional and coveted Berliner Wine Trophy. And of course: making good wine is impossible without a good vineyard. Which is where our background of years and years of professional training and farming is very helpful, indeed. The vines are treated with the utmost care to ensure a natural and ecologically sustainable crop. Which is recognised nationally and internationally. We have the privilege to be happy suppliers of many wine stores and restaurants with our reds, whites and sparkling wines.


How to reach us

We won’t tire you with detailed directions. Any navigation system familiar with the Netherlands will know the way.
The adresss for navigation is:
Tellingstraat 7
6996 DZ  Drempt

For groups, B&B-guests and buyers of wine, it is best to call us first at 06 – 38643162 or internationally at 0031314381988.